Google Gmail New Compose Interface Is Now Default - Google

We all Know That Gmail's is Fast faster, simpler than Any Other Mail Service  

Last Year October 2012 Google Gmail Introduced a New Composer, Which  Has Been Introduced To Take Advantage Of Multi-Tasking , If You Are Not Yet Activated New Composer, Please Do Activate

How To Activate New Composer?
  • Click On Compose button
  • click the "New Compose Experience" link Very next to the Labels button At the Top

Google Is Now Ready To Introduce the New Composing Experience as default In Few Days . 

Advantages Of New Composer Over Old One
  • New composer make Multitask Easier 
  • Users Can Open Multiple Composer Window Next To the Other,You Can Check mail and Composer message at the same time
  • Cloud Drive Is Integrated with New Composer Which Really Helps You To Import File from Google Cloud Storage service
You Can Always Switch Back To Old Composer 
  • Click On Compose 
  • Select More Menu Icon Next To Discard Button
  • Select "Temporarily switch back to old compose."

The Gmail new compose will be Proposed to everyone over the next few days. You can Know More About New Composer Here help center