Anna University April / May Practical Exam 2013 For Anna University UG and PG - Tips

Anna University April / May Practical/Project Voce Viva Exam 2013 For Anna University UG and PG

Anna University Practical examinations are very Much important as Anna University theory examinations. It Normally creates a good chance for students to increase their CGPA by scoring good Grades in practical examinations. So practical examinations should not be taken as lightly and it should be given equal importance as the theory examinations

To get good marks in practical you need to ask lot of questions to teachers and do whatever they say. Try impressing your internals you will get your share of marks. External has no impact on your marks, its internal who gives you the marks at the end. your theory will help you in theory exams

Scoring Practical Examination Marks is Not a one day show, rather its depends on how you are Good in the practical Classes , are you regular for practical classes ? , Are you Good in Bringing Final Output  ? , are you excellent in Viva , Subject Knowledge ,Will You Be discipline and attentive behavior in laboratory - These All Will Decide Your Marks In Practical Subjects  

Distribution of Marks for the Practical Examination

Record Book: 10 marks.
Viva-voce: 10 marks.
Experiment and demonstrations: 80 marks. ( Includes Aim,Algo.,Coding,design etc )

--> Most of The students Will Not Care About Practical Examination through out of their Degree Course , If You are One Such Student You Must Change Your attitude  As soon As Possible , Because This practical Examination Definitely Have a High Impact On Your CGPA

Tips for scoring high marks in Practical Exams

  • Listen thoroughly in Regular classes
  • Keep good notes For Reference
  • Practice well before Go For Exams
  • Understand the process 
  • Avoid nervousness During Exams
Wish You All The Very Best For Anna University April / May 2013 Practical Examination 

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