Principles Of Compiler Design Anna University Question Papers For 6th Semester CSE - May / June 2013 Model Question paper

Principles Of Compiler Design Anna University Question Papers May / June 2013 For  6th Semester CSE -  Model Question paper , Previous Year Question Paper
University : Anna University

Subject : CS2352 Principles Of Compiler Design

Departments : 6th Semester Cse

Regulation : 2008

Question Paper : Nov / Dec 2013 Model Question Paper

Semester : Sixth Sem CSE

Sixth semester
Computer science and Engineering
(Regulation 2008)
Answer ALL questions
1. Mention few cousins of compiler.
2. What are the possible error recovery actions in lexical analyzer?
3. Define an ambiguous grammar.
4. What is dangling reference?
5. Why are quadruples preferred over triples in an optimizing compiler?
6. List out the motivations for back patching.
7. Define flow graph.
8. How to perform register assignment for outer loops?
9. What is the use of algebraic identities in optimization of basic blocks?
10. List out two properties of reducible flow graph?
11. (a) (i) What are the various phases of the compiler? Explain each phase in detail.
(ii) Briefly explain the compiler construction tools.
 (b) (i) What are the issues in lexical analysis?
(ii)Elaborate in detail the recognition of tokens.
12. (a) (i) Construct the predictive parser for the following grammar.
(ii)Describe the conflicts that may occur during shift reduce parsing.
 (b) (i)Explain the detail about the specification of a simple type checker.
 (ii)How to subdivide a run-time memory into code and data areas. Explain
13. (a) (i) Describe the various types of three address statements.
(ii)How names can be looked up in the symbol table? Discuss.
 (b) (i)Discuss the different methods for translating Boolean expressions in detail.
(ii) Explain the following grammar for a simple procedure call statement S->call id (enlist).
14. (a) (i) Explain in detail about the various issues in design of code generator.
(ii)Write an algorithm to partition a sequence of three address statements into basic blocks.
 (b) (i)Explain the code-generation algorithm in detail.
(ii)Construct the dag for the following basic block.
d: =b*c
e: = a +b
b: =b*c
a: =e-d
15. (a) (i) Explain the principal sources of optimization in detail.
(ii)Discuss the various peephole optimization techniques in detail.
 (b) (i) How to trace data-flow analysis of structured program?
 (ii) Explain the common sub expression elimination, copy propagation, and
transformation for moving loop invariant computations in detail.

Anna University Question Papers Principles Of Compiler Design May / June 2012 For  6th Semester CSE -  Model Question paper , Previous Year Question Paper