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Vlsi Design Anna University Question Papers For 6th Semester ECE - May / June 2012 Model Previous year Question Paper

VLSI Design Anna University Question Papers For 6th Semester ECE - May / June 2012 Model Previous year Question Paper

Anna University Question Paper VLSI Design  For 6th Semester ECE 

University : Anna University

Subject : EC2354 VLSI Design

Department : 6th Semester ECE

Regulation : 2008

Question Paper : May / June 2013 Model Question Paper

Semester : ECE 6th Semester Question paper

Anna University Chennai – 60 0025
B.E./B.Tech. Degree Examination, May/June 2012
Sixth Semester
Electronics And Communication Engineering
(Common To PTEC 2354 – VLSI DESIGN For B.E. (Part – Time) Fifth Semester –
Electronics And Communication Engineering Regulation 2009 )
(Regulation 2008)
Time : Three Hours Max:100 Marks
Answer All Questions
Part-A (10 X 2 = 20)
1. Draw The Iv Characteristics Of Mos Transistor. 
2. Brief The Different Operating Regions Of Mos System. 
3. Draw The Equivalent Circuit Structure Of Level 1 Mosfet Model 
In Spice. 
4. Brief About The Variation Of Fringing Field Factor With The  Interconnect Geometry. 
5. Compare Cmos Combinational Logic Gates With Reference To The 
Equivalent N-Mos Depletion Load Logic With Reference To The 
Area Requirement. 
6. What Are The Advantage Of Using A Pseudo N-Mos Gate Instead 
Of A Full Cmos Gate 
7. What Are The Factors That Cause Timing Failures? 
8. What Are The Advantage Of A Single Stuck At Fault? 
9. With Component Instantitation, Write A Vhdl Program For A 
10. Write A Note On Transport Delay 
Part-B (10 X 2 = 20)
11. (A) Discuss In Detail About: 
 (1) Full-Custom Mask Layout Design (8) 
 (2) Cmos Inverter Layout Design (8) 
 (B) (I) With A Neat Diagram Discuss In Detail About Dc Transfer 
Characteristics Of Cmos. (8) 
 (Ii) Write A Short Notes On The Following Along With The Mask 
 (I) Oxide Related Capacitance (4) 
 (Ii) Junction Capacitance (4) 
12. (A) (I) Obtain An Expression For Level 2 Model Equation Of Mosfet 
In Spice. (8) 
 (Ii) Discuss In Detail About: 
 (1) Variation Of Mobility With Electric Field. 
 (2) Variation Of Channel Length In Saturation Modes. 
 (3) Saturation Of Carrier Velocity. (8) 
 (B)(I) How Do The Spice Mosfet Model Account For The Parasitic 
Device Capacitances?(8) 
 (Ii) Explain The Charecterization Of Circuits.(8) 
13. (A) (I)For A Two Input Nand Gate Derive An Expression For The Drain 
Current. (8) 
 (Ii) Draw A Cmos Nor2 Gate And Its Complementary Operation 
With Necessary Equations. (4) 
 (Iii) Obtain A Cmos Logic Design Realizing The Boolean Function 
Z=A(D+E)+Bc (8) 
(B) (I) Draw A Circuit Diagram Of The Cmos Sr Latch And Explain In 
Detail. (8) 
 (Ii) Along With The Necessary Input And Output Waveforms Of 
The Cmos Dff Negative Edge Triggered Master Slave D Flip Flop. 
14. (A) (I) Explain Indetail About Partition And Mux Testing With 
Necessary Example And Diagram. (8) 
 (Ii) Explain The Principle Of Silicon Debug. (8) 
 (B) (I) Elaborate The Scan Based Techniques. (8) 
 (Ii) Discuss In Detail About: 
 (I) Pseudo Random Pattern Generator. (4) 
 (Ii) Output Response Analyser. (4) 
15. (A) Using Mixed Level Mode Write A Vhdl Program For A 
 (I) Comparator. (8) 
 (Ii) D –Flip Flop. (8) 
 (B) With All The Three Types Of Modeling Write A Vhdl  Program For A 
 (I) Decoder (8) 
 (Ii) Full Adder. (8) 

VLSI Design Anna University Question Papers for 6th Semester ECE