Rejinpaul - Photography contest 2013 - Rejinpaul 3rd anniversary celebration on 16th July - Photography Contest Theme Rules

Rejinpaul - Photography contest 2013 - Rejinpaul 3rd anniversary celebration on 16th July proudly enters the 4th year which involves helping students belonging to Anna University. All anna university students might somehow come across REJINPAUL.COM. 

     I take this opportunity to inform you that we, the REJINPAUL.COM team is going to celebrate its 3rd anniversary on 16th July. so, In accordance with that we have planned certain competitions for the students who are studying anna university, arts college and medical college students to participate in the event conducted by our team. This event might be a good exposure and motivation for all students. we hope we will get good participation in this .

Photography Contest 2013 -

Rules :

1. Solo Event
2. Participant should have proper college ID Card. our team will cross check your details with your college.
3. Participant can send their photo to mail id : with all details mentioned below.

  • Participant Name 
  • Age
  • Sex
  • College
  • Degree/Branch 
  • Year
  • Email Id
  • Contact Address
  • Mobile Number 
  • attached with Photo based on the theme given by us. ( below 5 Mb)
4. photos mailed by the participants will be uploaded in the FACEBOOK PAGE OF REJINPAUL.COM and the viewers can give their reviews about the respective photo, comment on it,Give likes, share etc.
5. Participants with fake college details and irrelevant theme photos will be disqualified.

Events ends by 15th July at 9:00PM

Theme for Photography contest 2013 - "SAVE THE WORLD

Judgement details :

  • Photos should be related to theme given by us only.
  • Based on creativity of the participants
  • Maximum likes in Facebook 
  • Maximum shares in Facebook
  • Good comment for the photo has special credit point.
  • If Photo contains Special writings (quotes,saying) on it , it has special points. Photography Contest 2013 Final Results

Online quiz competition 2013 Cash Prize Details

1st prize : Rs. 1000
2nd Prize : Rs. 700
3rd Prize : Rs. 600 (shared by two participants)

First Place - Vijayakumar J, Hindustan College of Engineering and Technology
Second Place - Murali Krishna Kumar.U , Velammal Institute Of Technology
Third Place is shared by
R.Bhedley , Ponjesly College of Engineering
R.Nandini , of engineering

thank You For fabulous response Students

List Of Contestant (50 participants ): 

Contest ID
Name Of the Participant
College Name
PGC - 001
Suraj Majumdar
Park College Of Engineering And Technology
PGC - 002
Jefferson Victor J
C.Abdul Hakeem College Of Eng. & Tech.
PGC – 003
D.Barath Kumar
Veltech Hightech Engg.College.
PGC – 004
Vignesh Ramaiah
Dr.Sivanthi Aditanar College Of Engineering
PGC – 005
 Farsin Ahammed.Tp
Al-Ameen Engineering College
PGC – 006
S.Ram Gowtham
K.L.N College Of Engineering
PGC – 007
V.Ashok Ananth
Mepco Schlenk Engg College
PGC – 008
K.L.N.College Of Engineering
PGC – 009
 Bobin Raj Vc
Nesamony Memorial College
PGC – 010
Prasanna J V
Pandiyan Saraswathi Yadav Engg. College
PGC – 011
Aravindhan A
Kings College Of Engineering 
PGC – 012
Maria College Of Engineering & Technology
PGC – 013
D.Moses Sundarsingh.
United Institute Of Technology
PGC – 014
Sns College Of Technology
PGC – 015
Sivasubramanyam A
Rmk Engineering College
PGC - 016
D Sankaran
Anand Institute Of Higher Technology
PGC – 017
Ponjesly College Of Engineering
PGC – 018
R.Vinoth Raja
Care School Of Engineering
PGC – 019
Saranathan Collage Of Engineering
PGC – 020
Evanth Jain.H
Trp Engineering College
PGC – 021
Akshaya College Of Engineering & Technology
PGC - 022
Dhanalakshmi College Of Engineering
PGC - 023
Panimalar Engineering College 
PGC – 024
Hosanna S
Sri Muthukumaran Institute Of Technology
PGC – 025
Sivachandran .N.K.K
K.L.N.College Of Engineering
PGC – 026
R. Ventatesh
C.Abdul Hakeem College Of Engineering & Technology
PGC – 027
Madras School Of Social Work
PGC - 028
V.A.Sibi Niveditha
 P.A College Of Engineering And Technology
PGC – 029
Andrew Jacob.M
Maamallan Institute Of Technology
PGC – 030
Shree Venkateshwara Hi-Tech Engineering College
PGC – 031
T.Kalai Vani
St.Joseph's College Of Engineering
PGC – 032
Sri Ramanujar Engineering College
PGC – 033
Harikrishna N
Mother Terasa College Of Engineering & Technology 
PGC – 034
Murali Krishna Kumar.U
Velammal Institute Of Technology
PGC – 035
R.M.D Engineering College
PGC – 036
Parisutham Institute Of Technology & Science
PGC – 037
V. Praveen
St. Xaviers Catholic College Of Engineering 
PGC – 038
M.Dinesh Kumar 
S.K.P Engineering College
PGC – 039
Coimbatore Institute Of Engineering And Technology
PGC – 040
 Arasu Engineering College
PGC – 041
J.Gopi Shyam Krishnan
Asan Memorial College Of Eng & Tech
PGC – 042
PGC – 043
PGC – 044
Deepak Manavalan K
Dr. Mahalingam College of Engineering and Technology
PGC – 045
A.Sam Jacob Stanly
Arignar Anna Institute of Science and Technology
PGC – 046
 Vijayakumar J
Hindusthan College Of Engineering And Technology
PGC – 047
S.K.P Institute Of Technology.
PGC – 048
 Kathir College Of Engineering
PGC – 049
 Rahul Shankar
Ponjesly College Of Engineering
PGC – 050
Ramprabu D
Pandian Saraswathi Yadav Engg. College
First three Winner will have cash prize worthfull. also organizes ONLINE QUIZ COMPETITION. details of that event will be updated very soon.