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Circuit Theory Anna University Notes 2nd Semester EE2151 For EEE, EIE, ICE Branches

Anna University EE2151 Circuit Theory Notes 2nd Semester For EEE, EIE, ICE Branches

Anna University Circuit Theory Notes For Second Semester Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Electrical and Instrumentation Engineering, Instrumentation and Control Engineering , Provide Subject Notes/Lecture Notes For All Anna University Students Independent Of Semesters

Subject : EEE2151 Circuit Theory

Semester : Second Semester

Department : EEE. EIE, EIC


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(Common to EEE, EIE and ICE Branches) 


Ohm’s Law – Kirchoffs laws – DC and AC Circuits – Resistors in series and parallel circuits – Mesh  current and node voltage method of analysis for D.C and A.C. circuits. 


Network reduction: voltage and current division, source transformation – star delta conversion.  Thevenins and Novton & Theorem – Superposition Theorem – Maximum power transfer theorem –
Reciprocity Theorem. 


Series and paralled resonance – their frequency response – Quality factor and Bandwidth - Self and  mutual inductance – Coefficient of coupling – Tuned circuits – Single tuned circuits. 


Transient response of RL, RC and RLC Circuits using Laplace transform for DC input and A.C. with 
sinusoidal input. 


Three phase balanced / unbalanced voltage sources – analysis of three phase 3-wire and 4-wire  circuits with star and delta connected loads, balanced & un balanced – phasor diagram of voltages  and currents – power and power factor measurements in three phase circuits. 


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2. Joseph A. Edminister, Mahmood Nahri, “Electric circuits”, Schaum’s series, Tata McGraw-Hill, 
New Delhi (2001). 

3. Chakrabati A, “Circuits Theory (Analysis and synthesis), Dhanpath Rai & Sons, New Delhi,  (1999). 

4. Charles K. Alexander, Mathew N.O. Sadik, “Fundamentals of Electric Circuits”, Second Edition,  McGraw Hill, (2003). 

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Anna University Affiliated College Re-Opening Status

Anna University Affiliated College Re-Opening Status

Anna University Affiliated engineering colleges closed due to strike, As Of Now There Is no official Information about College reopening date . Tamilnadu government not announced the reopening date few colleges reopened on Monday.

Still There Is No Official Information From Government Or Anna University,Chennai, few Colleges Got Into Problem Due To Re-opening the College Before Official Order From Tamilnadu Government . 

Information Reveals That Govt Will Announce Re-opening Date At-least 3 days Before the Actual Commencement Of Regular Classes To Facilitate The Students Reaching College From Long Distance

This Is Actually To Late Because Already Anna University has Announced the practical Schedule that to be start On 22nd April 2013, Most Of the Colleges Were Completed Only 3.5 - 4.0 Units in each Subjects 
25/03/2013 - Source :

Today Meeting Information Reveals That Re-opening Of Engineering Colleges Dates are not yet decided , After April 1st 2013 college Reopening Date Will Be decided , Today Meeting End With No Conclusion 

3rd April 2013 Is Not A Official College Re-Opening date.  Its Just A Rumor Created By Unreliable Sources , Anyway Lets Wait For Official Info From Government 
26/03/2013 - Source :

Anna University vice-chancellor (officiating) Prof P. Kaliraj said, “Eng­ineering colleges in the state have been closed for about a week and we are planning to open all colleges on April 1.” An administrator of a top engineering college in the city pointed out that it would not be possible for the faculty to complete all subjects in April, as students would take up practical exams by the month-end.

Chennai: Over 520 engineering colleges in the state, closed a week ago following student unrest, are expected to reopen on April 1.
31/03/2013 - Source :

Anna University Officials Still Waiting For Official Notification Regarding College Reopening Date From Tamilnadu Government, There is No Such Info  From Government Side  Still Saturday(30/03/2013)

College Re-opening Date Should Be intimated Prior 2 Days Before the actual Re-Opening Of College, So There is No Chance To Re-open The College On April 1st 2013

Will This Long Leave Invite Post pond Of May / June 2013 Practical and Theory Examinations For UG and PG??

If College Re-opens Within in Three Days There Wont Be any problem, If In case college reopens again delays for a Week There Will be A problem In Portions Completion Due to lack Of Time :- Said College Professor,and Anna University and Affiliated Colleges are in Plan To Conduct Classes On Saturdays Also To Complete the portions 

Higher Education Department, has been stressing hand. Be affecting a student's education, government, soon, to announce the date for the opening of the college, seek higher education circles.

Official Announcement Of Re-Opening Date From Government is Expected  Very Soon

So, For Benefits Of The Students College Re-opening 
So Lets Wait For Official Information From Government , Its Already Been Late For Students

01/04/2013 - REJINPAUL.COM INFO @ 11:30 AM

All Anna University Affiliated Colleges Will Reopens On 03/04/2013 - officially Confirmed By Tamilnadu Government


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