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Anna University Pass Mark What is Anna University Pass Mark ? What is the pass mark for Anna University Exams ?

Anna University Pass Mark What is Anna University Pass Mark ? What is the pass mark for Anna University Exams ? Pass Mark in Anna University

Anna University Pass mark details for all semester is common and common also for all subjects.Many Students don't know about the pass mark details of Anna University. Anna University scheme of both Internal marks and external marks i.e. Theory marks which we have to attend university exams for 100 marks.

Anna University Exams consist of both practicals and theory Exams will be conducted for 100 marks. Anna University Internal Marks will be for 20 marks for all subjects. so students will write exams for 100 marks and that will be converted to 80 marks. so in this candidate must take 45 marks (out of 100) to get pass mark.and in internal students must get 14 out of 20 . In this conversion of 100 to 80 marks , students should get 36 marks to get passed in anna university exams.

anna unviersity pass mark | what is pass marks in anna university exams ?
what is pass marks in anna university exams ?

Hereafter anna university will provide Internal Marks for all students on the basis of performance of students on UNIT TEST/CYCLE TEST and also on the basis of Attendance Percentage.for more details to know about this click here

Anna University Pass Mark - detailed report for easy understanding

total marks = 100 marks

Internal marks = 20 marks

in theory before conversion to get passed (out of 100) = 45 marks

after conversion from 100 to 80 marks (out of 80) = 36 marks

to get pass in internal (out of 20) = 14 marks

so to get passed , 36 + 14 = 50. (this is the minimum mark for passing in the anna university exams )

It varies accoding according to internal marks you adopt. so, if the students gets below 45 (out of 100) and below 14 (out of 20) in internals, he/she is considered to be failed in anna university exams. so candidate should get 50% in both theory and in practical exams to get their degree certificates.

Note : here we have just said for example. if a student get below 14 in internals also, he/she can get pass mark in exam. if a student get 10 out of 20 marks in internal, he/she should get 40 out of 80 in the theory exams. so internal marks does not play any role in you carrier. if you get more marks in internal, you are on safer side to get pass in anna university.

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