CE6506 Construction Techniques Equipment and Practice Syllabus Notes Question Papers 2 Marks with Answers Regulation 2013 Anna University

CE6506 Construction Techniques Equipment and Practice Syllabus Notes Question Papers 2 Marks with Answers Question Bank with answers Anna University CE6506 CTEP Notes Syllabus 2 Marks with answers Civil Engineering 5th Semester - Regulation 2013 5th Semester Syllabus Notes

Anna University CE6506 Construction Techniques, Equipment and Practice Notes Syllabus 2 marks with answers Part A Question Bank with answers Key

Anna University CE6506 Construction Techniques, Equipment and Practice Syllabus Notes 2 marks with answer is provided below. CE6506 Notes Syllabus all 5 units notes are uploaded here. here CE6506 CTEP Syllabus notes download link is provided and students can download the CE6506 Syllabus and Lecture Notes and can make use of it.

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Cements – Grade of cements - concrete chemicals and Applications – Grade of concrete - manufacturing of concrete – Batching – mixing – transporting – placing – compaction of concrete – curing and finishing - Testing of fresh and hardened concrete – quality of concrete – Extreme Weather Concreting - Ready Mix Concrete - Non-destructive testing. 

Specifications, details and sequence of activities and construction co-ordination – Site Clearance – Marking – Earthwork - masonry – stone masonry – Bond in masonry - concrete hollow block masonry – flooring – damp proof courses – construction joints – movement and expansion joints – pre cast pavements – Building foundations – basements – temporary shed – centering and shuttering – slip forms – scaffoldings – de-shuttering forms – Fabrication and erection of steel trusses – frames – braced domes – laying brick –– weather and water proof – roof finishes – acoustic and fire protection.

Techniques of Box jacking – Pipe Jacking -under water construction of diaphragm walls and basement-Tunneling techniques – Piling techniques - well and caisson - sinking cofferdam - cable anchoring and grouting-driving diaphragm walls, sheet piles - shoring for deep cutting - well points -Dewatering and stand by Plant equipment for underground open excavation. 

Launching girders, bridge decks, off shore platforms – special forms for shells - techniques for heavy decks – in-situ pre-stressing in high rise structures, Material handling - erecting light weight components on tall structures - Support structure for heavy Equipment and conveyors -Erection of articulated structures, braced domes and space decks.

Selection of equipment for earth work - earth moving operations - types of earthwork equipment - tractors, motor graders, scrapers, front end waders, earth movers – Equipment for foundation and pile driving. Equipment for compaction, batching and mixing and concreting - Equipment for material handling and erection of structures - Equipment for dredging, trenching, tunneling.
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CE6506 Construction Techniques, Equipment and Practice Anna university 5th semester Regulation 2013 notes
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CE6506 Construction Techniques, Equipment and Practice Syllabus Notes Civil 5th Semester
CE6506 Construction Techniques, Equipment and Practice Notes Syllabus Question Papers Question Bank 2 marks with answers
Anna University CE6506 Notes Syllabus Question Papers Question Bank 2 marks with answers
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