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                                    Your first impression is your last impression; you don't have a second chance. Invest time in your resume to write it well. Your resume can make you stand above the crowd if written well and organized properly. Your resume should represent your best abilities truthfully. A resume - sometimes called a curriculum vitae or CV - is a summary of your education, training, work experience and skills. A good resume demonstrates how your skills and abilities match up with the requirements of a job. Employers do not have the luxury to spend more than a minute of their time reading your resume. It must be eye-catching, short and brief. The purpose of your resume is to get you in the door. Your interview gets you further ahead in getting the job you desire. Your resume should reflect what your capabilities are and what you can do.

Resume Format for Freshers Download

Some guidelines in writing a professional resume:

  • Keep your objective brief, to the point and in line with your education and experience. Never overstate your qualifications, skills or lie on your resume. This will make your job search more efficient and help recruiters find you.
  • You should prioritize your accomplishments and skills on your resume according to impressiveness, individuality and significance to the prospective position. Don't bury the skill or job experience that would be most likely to impress a recruiter. Resumes are scanned quickly, so a recruiter may move on to the next resume if you lead with an unrelated skill.
  • Do not over write your resume with out of place big words and endless text; leave spaces and lines between each section.
  • You should use bulleted sentences, not paragraphs, to describe your work experience in your resume. The bulleted sentences in your resume should also begin with action words, such as "developed," "initiated," or "managed." Action words add strength to your resume.
  • Stay focused in your field. Summarize your qualifications and experience related to your field, do not list odd jobs, training's and courses.
  • Be sure to proof read your resume before submitting it to a potential employer. Ask a friend or colleague look over your resume and give you their opinion on its structure or style.
  • Avoid mentioning hobbies and interests when writing your resume. Hobbies and interests often aren't relevant to the position you're applying for. Concentrate on describing your key experience and skills.
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