Anna University Internal Marks 2017 Assessment out of 20

Anna University Internal Marks 2017 for nov dec 2016 exams students can check Assessment out of 20

hi students, Iam writing this article to enrich students with an idea how internal marks will be calculated and given out of 20 from all the assessment you go through in your college premises. Read the following very carefully at the end of this article you will get an clear picture how the internal marks are calculated from assessment details

Anna University Internal Marks

Anna University Internal Marks system - An Overview
Anna University instructed all the affiliated colleges to conduct three internal assessment test as per schedule to assess the students, Initially anna university semester exams will be conducted for 100 marks, same will be converted for out of 80 (Calculate 100*0.8 = 80), remaining twenty marks is awarded as Internals Based on the assessments conducted in the college premises

Anna University Internal Marks 2017
Anna University Internal Marks out of 20

how to check internal marks for Attendance and Assessment Details

students are provided with student login indudivally and andriod application to view their internal marks out of 20 once the internal marks is updated in web portal - students can able to check Internal Marks 2017 for nov dec 2016 exams without dob ( without date of birth), students can check their internal marks out of 20 for all semeter including UG / PG - 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th. 6th, 7th, 8th semester

Internal Marks how it be awarded

how Anna University Internal marks will be awarded and how many attempt it is valid?

how Internal marks will be awarded ?

Three Assessment tests each carry 100 marks shall be conducted during every semester by college . The total marks you scored for all the three assessment tests will be put together out of 300, total secured marks will be converted out of 20 . Example you scored 250/300 (Calculate (250/300)*20 = 16.66) [shall be proportionately reduced for 20 marks and rounded to the nearest integer]

how many attempt internal mark is valid ?

  • The internal assessment marks obtained by the candidate in the first appearance shall be retained and considered valid for all subsequent attempts till the candidate secure a pass.
  • However, from the third attempt onwards if a candidate fails to obtain pass marks (IA + End Semester Examination) as per clause 13.1, then the candidate shall be declared to have passed the examination 
  • if he/she secure a minimum of 50% marks prescribed for the university end semester examinations alone.
  • check Anna university internal marks out of 20 
  • check Anna university internal marks using student login 

Anna University Internal Marks can be obtained from web portal during the end of every semester before the anna university exam commence check Assessment out of 20 
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