Anna University IT Important Questions 2nd 4th 6th 8th Semester Regulation 2013

IT 2nd 4th 6th 8th Semester Important Questions - Regulation 2013 IT Important Questions download PDF online

Anna University IT Important questions 2nd 4th 6th 8th Semester download | important Questions Regulation 2013

Students of B.Tech. Information Technology can make use of this page to download important questions. We have provided Important Questions for current semester subjects i.e. 2nd 4th 6th 8th Semester of IT department. These important questions will be useful for Semester examination. We have provided direct link to download the Regulation 2013 IT important questions. Hence, Students can click on the subject required and get the important questions in their desktop or in their mobiles. we request students to make use of these questions and also share among their friends too.
Anna University IT Important Questions 2nd 4th 6th 8th Semester

Click on the requried Subjects from below to download Important Questions
IT 2nd Semester Subjects Important Questions
HS6251 Technical English-II Important Question
IT 4th Semester Subjects Important Questions
IT 6th Semester Subjects Important Questions
GE6084 Human Rights Important Question
GE6757 Total Quality Management Important Question
IT6002 Information Theory and Coding Techniques Imporant Question - Updated 
IT6001 Advanced Database Technology Imporant Question - Updated 
CS6660 Compiler Design Important Question- Updated | CS6660 CD Study Materials Download |
CS6012 Soft Computing Important Question
CS6601 Distributed Systems Important Question | CS6601 DS Study Materials |
IT6601 Mobile Computing Important Question - Updated
IT6602 Software Architectures Important Question - Updated | IT6602 Materials |
CS6659 Artificial Intelligence Important Question | CS6659 Materials |
CS6001 C# and .Net Programming Important Question- Updated
IT 8th Semester Subjects Important Questions
IT6009 Web Engineering Important Question
IT6007 Free and Open Source Software Important Question
IT6008 Network Programming and Management Imporant Question - Updated
IT6012 TCP/ IP Design and Implementation Important Question
IT6013 Software Quality Assurance Important Question
IT6010 Business Intelligence Important Question
CS6010 Social Network Analysis Important Question
IT6011 Knowledge Management Important Question
CS6008 Human Computer Interaction Important Question
 MG6088 SPM NOTES-1 MG6088 SPM NOTES-2  MG6088 QB-1 |MG6088 QB-2 |MG6088 TWO MARKS |

BM6005 Bio Informatics Important Question
CS6004 Cyber Forensics Imporant Question - Updated|
IT6801 Service Oriented Architecture Imporant Question Updated
CS6702 Graph Theory and Applications Important Question
GE6075 Professional Ethics in Engineering Important Question
CS6503 Theory of Computation Important Question

In this page download the IT important Questions for 2nd 4th 6th 8th Semester of Regulation 2013. Anna University affiliated College IT department students can make use of May June 2017 important questions.
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