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GE8151 Problem solving and Python Programming Syllabus Notes 2 marks with answers

GE8151 Problem solving and Python Programming Syllabus Notes Question Paper Question Banks Anna University - Regulation 2017 1st Semester Notes CBCS

Anna University Problem solving and Python Programming Syllabus Notes Question Bank Question Papers - GE8151 Syllabus Notes
Anna University GE8151 Problem solving and Python Programming Notes is provided below. GE8151 Notes all 5 units notes are uploaded here. here GE8151 PSPP notes download link is provided and students can download the GE8151 Lecture Notes and can make use of it.
HS6151 Technical English I Notes HS6151 Notes 1st semester
GE8151 Problem solving and Python Programming Syllabus Regulation 2017
Algorithms, building blocks of algorithms (statements, state, control flow, functions), notation (pseudo code, flow chart, programming language), algorithmic problem solving, simple strategies for developing algorithms (iteration, recursion). Illustrative problems: find minimum in a list, insert a card in a list of sorted cards, guess an integer number in a range, Towers of Hanoi.
Python interpreter and interactive mode; values and types: int, float, boolean, string, and list; variables, expressions, statements, tuple assignment, precedence of operators, comments; modules and functions, function definition and use, flow of execution, parameters and arguments; Illustrative programs: exchange the values of two variables, circulate the values of n variables, distance between two points.
Conditionals: Boolean values and operators, conditional (if), alternative (if-else), chained conditional (if-elif-else); Iteration: state, while, for, break, continue, pass; Fruitful functions: return values, parameters, local and global scope, function composition, recursion; Strings: string slices, immutability, string functions and methods, string module; Lists as arrays. Illustrative programs: square root, gcd, exponentiation, sum an array of numbers, linear search, binary search.
Lists: list operations, list slices, list methods, list loop, mutability, aliasing, cloning lists, list parameters; Tuples: tuple assignment, tuple as return value; Dictionaries: operations and methods; advanced list processing - list comprehension; Illustrative programs: selection sort, insertion sort, mergesort, histogram.
Files and exception: text files, reading and writing files, format operator; command line arguments, errors and exceptions, handling exceptions, modules, packages; Illustrative programs: word count, copy file.

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GE8151 Problem solving and Python Programming Anna university 1st semester Regulation 2017 notes
GE8151 Problem solving and Python Programming Notes Syllabus
Anna University GE8151 Problem solving and Python Programming 1st semester notes
GE8151 Problem solving and Python Programming Notes
GE8151 Problem solving and Python Programming Syllabus 
GE8151 Problem solving and Python Programming Question Bank
Anna University 1st Semester notes
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