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PH8201 Physics for Civil Engineering Syllabus Notes Question Banks Anna University

PH8201 Physics for Civil Engineering Syllabus Notes Question Paper Question Banks Anna University - Regulation 2017 2nd Semester Notes CBCS

Anna University Physics for Civil Engineering Syllabus Notes Question Bank Question Papers
Anna University PH8201 Physics for Civil Engineering Notes are provided below. PH8201 Notes all 5 units notes are uploaded here. here PH8201 Physics for Civil Engineering notes download link is provided and students can download the PH8201 Lecture Notes and can make use of it.
HS6151 Physics for Civil Engineering I Notes HS6151 Notes 2nd semester
PH8201 Physics for Civil Engineering Syllabus Regulation 2017
Heat transfer through fenestrations, thermal insulation and its benefits - heat gain and heat loss estimation - factors affecting the thermal performance of buildings, thermal measurements, thermal comfort, indices of thermal comfort, climate and design of solar radiation, shading devices - central heating. Principles of natural ventilation - ventilation measurements, design for natural ventilation - Window types and packaged air conditioners - chilled water plant - fan coil systems - water piping - cooling load - Air conditioning systems for different types of buildings - Protection against fire to be caused by A.C.Systems.
Classification of sound- decibel- Weber–Fechner law – Sabine’s formula- derivation using growth and decay method – Absorption Coefficient and its determination –factors affecting acoustics of buildings and their remedies. Methods of sound absorptions - absorbing materials - noise and its measurements, sound insulation and its measurements, impact of noise in multi-storeyed buildings.
Radiation quantitites – spectral quantities – relationship between luminescence and radiant quantities – hemispherical reflectance and transmittance – photometry: cosines law, inverse square law. Vision – photobic, mesophic, scotopic visions. Colour – luminous efficiency function - Visual field glare, colour - day light calculations - day light design of windows, measurement of day-light and use of models and artificial skies, principles of artificial lighting, supplementary artificial lighting.
Composites - definition and classification - Fibre reinforced plastics (FRP) and fiber reinforced metals (FRM) - Metallic glasses - Shape memory alloys - Ceramics - Classification - Crystalline - Non Crystalline - Bonded ceramics, Manufacturing methods - Slip casting - Isostatic pressing - Gas pressure bonding - Properties - thermal, mechanical, electrical and chemical ceramic fibres - ferroelectric and ferromagnetic ceramics - High Aluminium ceramics.
Seismology and Seismic waves - Earth quake ground motion - Basic concepts and estimation techniques - site effects - Probabilistic and deterministic Seismic hazard analysis - Cyclone and flood hazards - Fire hazards and fire protection, fire-proofing of materials, fire safety regulations and fire fighting equipment - Prevention and safety measures.

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PH8201 Physics for Civil Engineering Anna university 2nd semester Regulation 2017 notes
Regulation 2017 2nd Semester Syllabus Notes Anna University
PH8201 Physics for Civil Engineering Notes Syllabus
PH8201 Physics for Civil Engineering Notes
PH8201 Physics for Civil Engineering Syllabus 
PH8201 Physics for Civil Engineering Question papers
PH8201 Physics for Civil Engineering Question Bank