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Anna University April May 2021 Instruction - Question paper Pattern, Hallticket, Exam timing

Anna University April May 2021 Instruction - Question paper Pattern, Hallticket, Exam timings

Anna University has notified the Important instructions to all the students who are going to take up their April/May 2021 Semester examination. We request students to go through entire instruction carefully and follow the same to avoid any gaps/misses. Please join our telegram group to get your doubts clarified as well. Please bookmark below link to check the notification about Anna Unviersity April May 2021 Exam timetable.

Check Anna University Exam Timetable 2021 April/May/June updates

Important Instruction:

The data of students such as Register No., Name of the students, email ID, Phone No., and the details of subjects registered by the Students to appear for the examinations were provided to all the colleges where the student had finally studied and the Principals of the Colleges were requested to create a facility in any of the platforms such as Google Classrooms / Microsoft Teams / email or any other sources for the distribution of question paper and the receipt of the softcopy of the Answer Script. Hence, all students will be receiving the details of the platform from the Principals of the Colleges in advance. The Students may contact the Principal of the College to get the details, if they do not receive the details. The name of the Contact person of each college is provided in the web portal of the office of the Controller of Examinations, Anna University, Chennai.

april/may 2021 exam instruction - anna university

These instructions contain details pertaining to various aspects of the examination you are going to attempt and important instructions about the related matters.

  • Students will be provided the Hall ticket for admission to the examination. The Hall Tickets can be downloaded from the official web portal of the office of the Controller of Examinations and also will be sent to the registered mail ID of the students, available with the office of the Controller of Examinations.
  • The Hall ticket is issued as per the regulations and instructions issued by the University from time to time. If the student does not comply with the above requirements given in the Hall Ticket, the examination(s) taken by the student will be treated as cancelled.
  • For all the theory examinations, the students should appear for examinations from their place of stay.
  • Any discrepancies with regard to the spelling of name of the student or the subject for which the students is permitted to the examination should immediately be brought to the notice of the Controller of Examinations of this University.
  • Students should satisfy themselves that they have received the correct question paper before commencing to answer. Students should verify the Subject Code, Subject Name and Regulations given in the question paper. 
  • Students are instructed not to leave any pages blank in the Answer scripts. Blank pages, if any, should be struck off using a pen.
  • Answers must be written legibly in blue/black ink or ball point pen.
  • Writing wrong Register Number or subject code in the Answer book will entail summary rejection of the Answer book. If the student gives any special mark or writes anything not related to the examination, then it will entail summary rejection of Answer book.
  • Students will have to produce their hall ticket as and when the University demand it for verification. 


The mode of examination is take home and the duration of the examination is 3 hours only. The pattern of question paper will be the same as the one that was followed before the COVID-19 pandemic (offline, pen & paper examination). The details of examinations to be conducted are as follows:

1. Reexamination for the students who have appeared for the November/December 2020 examinations conducted during February/March/ April 2021 and also for the students who have registered now.

2. April/May 2021 Examinations - Current semester examinations for the students on roll (except for the second semester Post-Graduate Programmes). 


Students those who have got pass grade in the February 2021 examinations can also appear for the re-examination, if they are willing to do so. Best of the two marks (already secured and to be secured) shall be considered. 

Students should purchase all required stationery such as Cloth lined covers (preferably A4 size), Blue / Black pen, pencil, eraser, sharpener, scale, thread, white un-ruled A4 size papers, graph sheets, Charts, drawing sheets, Calculator, tools required for engineering drawing, tools required for studio based examination, Printout of annexures  3 and other required stationery well in advance before the commencement of the examination
  • Students may get ready to write their examination in the take home mode from their place of stay.
  • Students may be ready with all kinds of stationery required for writing the examination.
  • The question paper will be shared by the Principal of the College in any of the platforms such as Google Classrooms/Microsoft Teams/email or any other sources created by the college.
  • Students have to write the answers in the A4 size paper on both the sides limited to 30 pages (15 sheets) excluding Annexure-I.
  • Students should use thread to tie up the answer script.
  • Students must write the examinations in blue or black pen and they are not allowed to type the answer in the paper and they are also not permitted to copy & paste the images from books in their answer scripts.
  • Register Number, Name of the Student, Subject Code and Name of Subject shall be written on the top of each page.
  • Date of Examination, Page Number and Signature of the Student should be written on the bottom of each page.
  • The student shall scan the answer script and convert it as a PDF file with file name: Register Number-Subject Code.pdf and upload the answer script through one of the platform created by the college within 60 minutes after completing the examination.
  • The student has to dispatch the answer script in a cloth lined cover by Speed Post / Registered Post/ Courier Service addressed to the Principal of the respective Institution on the day of examination itself for the fore-noon session and on the very next day for the afternoon session failing which his/her examination attempt for that day will be treated as absent. If the next day is Sunday or holiday for Post-Office/Courier Service, then the next working day of the Post-Office/Courier Service shall be the day of dispatch of the answer script to the Principal.
  • Separate postal cover should be used for dispatching each answer script.
  • The answer scripts of only those students who have uploaded the PDF file in Google Classrooms/Microsoft Teams/email or any other sources within 60  minutes after the examination and whose answer script is received at the
  • Institution within the prescribed time limit shall be considered for valuation.
  • Submitting more than one copy of answer script for a particular subject shall be considered as malpractice activity. Further, the students’ handwriting shall be verified with the existing handwriting available with the office of Controller of Examinations and any mismatch in handwriting shall be considered as impersonation.
  • Since the examinations are conducted in take-home mode, the students have to attend the examination only from their place of stay and dispatch their answer scripts by Speed-Post/ Registered-Post/ Courier Service to their respective institutions. Students should not visit the Institution to hand over the answer script in person.
  • For any examination related queries, the students may contact the respective colleges. 
EXAMINATION: Examinations will be conducted in two sessions: one examination in the forenoon and the other in the afternoon. The timings are as follows:  
April may 2021 exam timing - anna university

The cover page of the answer script should be in the format as in Annexure-I. The students appearing for the examinations must fill the information in this sheet for each examination and leave the back side of the cover page (Annexure-I) as blank. 
Front page of the answer sheet : Download here
The Label given in Annexure-II (download here) should be printed, filled and pasted on the cloth lined cover while dispatching the hard copy of the Answer Script to the Principal. 

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