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EI8074 Computer Networks Syllabus Notes Question Banks with answers

EI8074 Computer Networks Syllabus Notes Question Paper Question Banks with answers Anna University

Anna University Computer Networks Syllabus Notes Question Bank Question Papers Regulation 2017

Anna University EI8074 Computer Networks Notes are provided below. EI8074 Notes all 5 units notes are uploaded here. here EI8074 Computer Networks notes download link is provided and students can download the EI8074 CN Lecture Notes and can make use of it.
EI8074 Computer Networks Syllabus Notes

EI8074 Computer Networks Syllabus Regulation 2017

Structural steel types – Mechanical Properties of structural steel- Indian structural steel products-Steps involved in the Deign Process -Steel Structural systems and their Elements- -Type of Loads on Structures and Load combinations- Code of practices, Loading standards and Specifications - Concept of Allowable Stress Method, and Limit State Design Methods for Steel structures-Relative advantages and Limitations-Strengths and Serviceability Limit states.
Allowable stresses as per IS 800 section 11 -Concepts of Allowable stress design for bending and Shear –Check for Elastic deflection-Calculation of moment carrying capacity –Design of Laterally supported Solid Hot Rolled section beams-Allowable stress deign of Angle Tension and Compression Members and estimation of axial load carrying capacity.
Type of Fasteners- Bolts Pins and welds- Types of simple bolted and welded connections Relative advantages and Limitations-Modes of failure-the concept of Shear lag-efficiency of joints- Axially loaded bolted connections for Plates and Angle Members using bearing type bolts –Prying forces and Hanger connection– Design of Slip critical connections with High strength Friction Grip bolts.- Design of joints for combined shear and Tension- Eccentrically Loaded Bolted Bracket Connections- Welds-symbols and specifications- Effective area of welds-Fillet and but Welded connections-Axially Loaded connections for Plate and angle truss members and Eccentrically Loaded bracket connections.
Tension Members - Types of Tension members and sections –Behaviour of Tension Members-modes of failure-Slenderness ratio- Net area – Net effective sections for Plates ,Angles and Tee in tension –Concepts of Shear Lag- Design of plate and angle tension members-design of built up tension Members-Connections in tension members – Use of lug angles – Design of tension splice.
Types of compression members and sections–Behaviour and types of failures-Short and slender columns- Current code provisions for compression members- Effective Length, Slenderness ratio –Column formula and column curves- Design of single section and compound Angles-Axially Loaded solid section Columns- Design of Built up Laced and Battened type columns – Design of column bases – Plate and Gusseted bases for Axially loaded colums- Splices for colums.
Types of steel Beam sections- Behaviour of Beams in flexure- Codal Provisions – Classification of cross sections- Flexural Strength and Lateral stability of Beams –Shear Strength-Web Buckling, Crippling and defection of Beams- Design of laterally supported Beams- Design of solid rolled section Beams- Design of Plated beams with cover plates - Design Strength of Laterally unsupported Beams – Design of laterally unsupported rolled section Beams- Purlin in Roof Trusses-Design of Channel and I section Purlins.
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EI8074 Computer Networks Notes
EI8074 Computer Networks Syllabus
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